Earth Animal Emotional Balance Dog Supplement, 1-oz
Earth Animal Emotional Balance Dog Supplement, 1-oz

Earth Animal Emotional Balance Dog Supplement, 1-oz

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Size : 1-oz

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Offering another way to heal, our organic Herbal Remedies offer welcome comfort from the most common ailments and conditions dogs and cats experience. What's in them? Only the purest natural ingredients possible. Dr. Bob Goldstein chose the most common health conditions that affect dogs and cats today and then thoughtfully created formulas made up of targeted herbs and flower essences for a true health benefit. Hand-crafted in the Green Mountains of Vermont with wild herbal extracts, our organic herbal pet remedies provide natural wellness & comfort for the most common conditions dogs and cats experience. - THE POWER OF PLANTS: Our herbal remedies are made from medicinal herbs with naturally occurring beneficial properties that help regain equilibrium by supporting the immune system. It’s similar to many pharmaceutical products but we believe herbs can be effective without the unwanted side-effects often seen in those treatments. - PARTNERS IN HEALING: Made from carefully selected herbs by Dr. Bob and our Master Herbalist, all of our organic herbal remedies are formulated with a sound approach to holistic health. - ANCIENT MEDICINAL HERBS: Our organic remedies are crafted to balance an animal's energy and emotional patterns with a specific medical condition for a truly holistic effect. - OUR UNIQUE WAY: After selecting the most beneficial herbs and mixing them with flower essences, our blends soak for over 30 days and are then hand extracted and poured into a light sensitive tincture. - FAST-ACTING & EFFECTIVE: Our remedies offer natural and rapid comfort. Your dog or cat will see an immediate healthy change.



Active Ingredients per ml: Essences of Bleeding Heart, Castel Lake Azalea, Echinacea, Shooting Star, Heart's Ease, Lady's Slipper, Hyssop, California Wild Rose. Inactive Ingredients: Mt. Shasta Spring Water, Brandy.